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Chocovenyl PVC free fabric wall stickers by Belle and Boo
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A contemporary twist on vintage charm..

We're delighted with our collaboration with "Belle and Boo". Mandy Sutcliffe is a well beloved British Illustrator behind the charming world of Belle and Boo.
You have probably seen the beautiful work of belle & boo around lately, either in Junior magazine, Etsy or at online blogs and boutiques. British Illustrator Mandy Sutcliffe creates genuine, touching and nostalgic illustrations.
Alongside classic Belle & Boo wall stickers there are new wall stickers sets including hot air balloons  and dinosaurs.

"I honestly can say if I came over to your house and tried to paint this as a mural directly on your wall it would not be half as good as these look....Oh & by the way I have used these stickers, I mean really used them, they have been put up & pulled down far too many times now trying to get a photo that does them justice & they still look amazing (does anyone get the feeling I really like this product!" -" says Mandy Sutcliffe about Chocovenyl Belle & Boo wall sticker range in her blog.

Mandy’s deceptively simple and stylish images capture vividly those precious moments in time enjoyed by children.
The experience conveyed is always pure, and often set in natural environments.
Belle and Boo world is full of pretty little children, playful creatures and dreamy colours, invoking memories and a nostalgia for childhood.

Boo mini wall sticker is sure to find a deserving spot in any house. Wonderful Hot air Balloons will take your lil' once on a dreamy journey...

Our PVC free fabric wall stickers are removeable, moveable, reusable and easy to apply, just peel and stick. The stickers are thin and look flat on the wall.
They are matt with slight fabric texture.

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